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This episode is one gross joke I'm sorry. have a cute song to make it better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rekwTmhYtQ There's a bonus mini comic for this episode up on patreon for all $1+ patreons! https://www.patreon.com/knightjj

Hey everyone! SInce I'm out of town for the weekend I'm sharing these v-cards with you guys now! You can print them if you want, maybe eat them? ( also this preview was supposed to be a gif but it doesn't work for some reason) Here are the links to the ful resolution thingies: Version 1: http://imgur.com/M5J7hNw Version 2: http://imgur.com/RtKlClw If by any chance you do print these and give it to anyone PLEASE let me know, I'd really like to know that someone used some of my work for this ocassion :D Anyway, normal updates will come back really soon! Please stick with me for some time. Have a great valentines day <3 Love ya!! *smooches*

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HJ-Story Jobless

It's been a long break and finally time to update HJ-Story! To start things off, I decided to leave my full time job so that I can focus on doing things I love, such as HJ-Story (It took a bit of convincing to Kate that I got everything under control)! So get ready for the restarting of regular updates and many upcoming news! If you enjoyed HJ-Story up to now and would like to see some extra contents, consider joining our new Patreon page at http://www.patreon.com/hjstory So long for now, see everyone on Wednesday update!


I used to sleep on my stomach but the last few months I've been sleeping on my side.. with my arm indeed in that weird position. How do YOU guys deal with the lowest arm? later on I've been experimenting with it while sharing the bed with Fish. I've tried putting my arm underneath him, as if I'm hugging him, it was pretty okay.. for a few minutes, because he's quite heavy for me. so that wouldn't work while sleeping.. my arm wouldn't even get blood anymore!