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TOONHOLE Parting Words

My new comic series can be found on my creator's profile. I've worked really hard on it so please give it a look! If you liked the humor in RawkSeeds, you might also enjoy Dox & Tabi. RawkSeeds hiatus: I've stated before that RawkSeeds was “my main project" and it really was. And because it was my main project I realized how dissatisfied I was with it. I might've said it before, but when I started RawkSeeds I really had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted to do with the comic. I just had a lot of characters with no direction. I basically just wanted to start making comics. 7 months later, after experimenting with deadlines, paneling, storytelling styles, and art styles, I reached a point where I had to decide whether to continue the comic as-is or take a step away from it in order to develop a more interesting world and story where the characters could fully express their potential. Be it fantasy-adventure or normal slice of life. I really wanted to do them justice, and I decided I wasn't ready to tell a story with the cast of RawkSeeds just yet. I'm not sure when RawkSeeds will return, but please know I'll always be developing it one way or another in private until it is ready to be shared. If you'd like to keep tabs on my journey of making comics you can follow me on twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook, or youtube! Until then: Thank you for enjoying and supporting RawkSeeds! I’ve learned and owe so much to this comic. It’s bittersweet to take a step back from it, but I’m determined to bring it back better than ever. I’ll still be on Tapastic, actively working on Dox & Tabi. I hope to give updates every now and then about RawkSeeds. Tapastic and the people I’ve met since I posted the first RawkSeeds strips have changed my life for the better. I will always appreciate the readers I've met through the comic and hope to continue bringing some form of positivity into their lives. With love and gratitude, Ovis Rock


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