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A billion beloved thanks to http://tapastic.com/akiocha Okay Ive been spamming you with a lot of buddy comcs, but I can't help it when people are so kind and supporting. I promise to make the next comics my own actual creations again ; u ; It's good to be back with you guys. Please keep on read Fail by Error and stay and have fun here with me I love you all. Also the joke is on you, Hospital Bill, I live in Denmark, so it's the state that is paying.

And here we are, wrapping up Chapter 5. Since today's update has quite a bit of content, I will be skipping Monday (May 11th) and come back next Thursday (May 14th) with the beginning of Chapter 6. I've got something exciting planned (COUGHgiveawayCOUGH), so stay tuned~!