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I just realized I put an orange cat in my comic when a few years ago I made fun of how so many comics have orange cats in them. damn, Enzo... what happened to you it's like I don't even know you any more

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HJ-Story Jobless

It's been a long break and finally time to update HJ-Story! To start things off, I decided to leave my full time job so that I can focus on doing things I love, such as HJ-Story (It took a bit of convincing to Kate that I got everything under control)! So get ready for the restarting of regular updates and many upcoming news! If you enjoyed HJ-Story up to now and would like to see some extra contents, consider joining our new Patreon page at http://www.patreon.com/hjstory So long for now, see everyone on Wednesday update!

http://tapastic.com/series/The-Yellow-Monkeys Thank you so much for getting my < The Yellow monkeys > comic over 1000 subscribers!! It means so much to monkey!! me thinks I have to worku even harder just for you guys!! if you like the series do support me ! even a dollar would mean the world ( and cheesuburger) to monkey! woot woot!