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More frequent updates on Patreon (page 33 already available) https://www.patreon.com/zccoffee In addition, on Our Patreon you will have access to the full uncensored version of comic (NSFW scenes included) Also more arts and sketches on Tumblr: http://zombiecinnamon.tumblr.com/

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HJ-Story Jobless

It's been a long break and finally time to update HJ-Story! To start things off, I decided to leave my full time job so that I can focus on doing things I love, such as HJ-Story (It took a bit of convincing to Kate that I got everything under control)! So get ready for the restarting of regular updates and many upcoming news! If you enjoyed HJ-Story up to now and would like to see some extra contents, consider joining our new Patreon page at http://www.patreon.com/hjstory So long for now, see everyone on Wednesday update!

feeling bad lately. to all my US brethren, have a happy thanksgiving and gain 100lbs in nothing but starch and cooked avians while stuffing your face full of food and arguing with your racist uncle about the systematic oppression of native americans check out cool fanart by chjio: http://winglesscomic.tumblr.com/post/133978482291/fanart-by-chjio-thank-you ill be on vacation starting tomorrow for my birthday, see you next week.